As local American police forces have become more and more militarized, with weapons grants from the Department of Defense and militarized Keynesianism popular in Washington, DC, it should come as no surprise that even foreclosures are turning into SWAT team-appropriate events.


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The American Free Press has an article out today on a case in Idaho Sprints, Colorado, involing 22 SWAT officers loaded to the ears with military weaponry. What were they doing? Catching a serial killer? Taking down a mass murderer? Saving children from another of the TSA’s monsters?

No, they were enforcing a court ordered foreclosure seizure of a family residence. As the article states, “On October 30, the Clear Creek County, Colorado Sheriff’s Department dispatched 22 SWAT officers—decked out with military-green helmets and uniforms, fully automatic weapons and numerous other “bells and whistles”—to enforce a court order for a U.S. Bank foreclosure on the home of Sarah Donahue.”

The justification for the overwhelming show of force was, of course, to keep the officers “safe.” However, in the interest of total officer safety, the next logical step is for the local police to call in a drone strike to destroy the house completely, while fleecing the local taxpayers to cover the cost of the house.

After all, the taxpayers can pay the bank for the destroyed house, the officers can remain at a safe distance while never having to come into contact with those they “serve” and “protect,” and the federal government can hand out more defense contracts to drone agencies. And finally, with one more house destroyed, prices can only rise as a result of decreased supply, right? Everyone is a winner with militarized police agencies enforcing evictions.

Now, the homeowners who defaulted on their loans should have to face the consequences of such an action. That could involve having to pay back more, or negotiating with their lender for a loan modification of some sort, or simply leaving the property to foreclosure and dealing with the consequences of poor credit. However, they should not be forcibly evicted by a paramilitary organization within their local police force.

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