Foreclosure Assistance & Free Advice

Foreclosure assistance is available through a number of different sources and there are 100’s of scams out there, so it’s hard to decide who to trust. We try to eliminate this problem by screening companies who provide foreclosure assistance. We keep a database of every company we come across, as well as user experiences. We are one of the largest informational sites on the internet for foreclosure assistance, so we get feedback from hundreds of people on a weekly basis. This allows us to provide you with the most accurate foreclosure information and if we can’t help, we can direct you to a reputable company who can. We also have many do it yourself programs, so if you would rather work alone, that’s an option too.

Once you understand the foreclosure process, you’ll see why finding help can be such a problem. There are many ways to stop foreclosure, but only one or two may apply in your case. This is why it’s so important to find the right foreclosure solution for your home. Just because others may get approved for a short sale, doesn’t mean you will too. Our membership can help you research your short sale options and put you in contact with professionals who can meet you and your family’s needs.

Once you’ve stopped the immediate threat of foreclosure, then you’ll need to worry about getting your credit repaired and finding a better mortgage company to eventually refinance or get a new home with. We are here to help you every step of the way, not just to stop foreclosure, but to help you rebuild your credit as well.

Everyone can fall behind on payments, and your mortgage company will understand, but it’s important for you to stay in contact with them and work together to find a solution to help stop the foreclosure. Once the foreclosure process starts, they will start adding additional fees and late charges, so the quicker you come up with a solution, the less money it will cost. Stay in contact with your lender and try to get them to offer you assistance before things get too far behind. Many people avoid their lender, because they are afraid and don’t know what to say or do, but this is a very big mistake. In some cases, your lender may be the best assistance you can find. If you lender does not cooperate, then it may be time to seek professional help.

Too many people sit back and do nothing until it’s too late. Asking for assistance one week before your sale is not good enough! Take action immediately and you’ll have the best chances of saving your home and getting a lower monthly payment.

Every day, 100’s of Americans unnecessarily lose their home, because the couldn’t find foreclosure assistance!

Don’t fall prey to your mortgage company and let them take your home! If you suspect your lender of fraud or if they are not treating you fairly, then you need to take action immediately. There are many solutions to stop foreclosure, but if your mortgage company is not following the rules, you may be eligible for a brand new mortgage.

In these special cases, your mortgage will be re-written as if it were day one. Your late payments and fees will all be eliminated and your interest rate will be lowered and set at a more reasonable rate.

These options are not available for everyone, but if you suspect foul play from your lender, then you need to know your foreclosure rights and find help today.