Foreclosure Services & Useful Information

Our sites main intention is to provide you with enough information that you can make an informed decision on how to fight or avoid foreclosure. Through our site and our referral sources, we are able to offer any (legitimate) option to help homeowners stop foreclosure. Because of our size and professional affiliations, we are able to offer a vast amount of foreclosure information and our membership for free.

Many people are able to use this information to stop foreclosure on their own and others choose to hire us to handle their case for them. In most cases, an attorney or real estate broker can be assigned to your case and they will have a much better chance of stopping your foreclosure.

Foreclosure help services come in many different forms, but for the most part, these services can be divided in the three main categories, Refinance, Negotiation, and Legal. No matter what your situation is, or what type of foreclosure help you are looking for, it will probably fall into one of these three categories.

Under the refinance category, you’ll find options like a traditional refinance, foreclosure loan, or even some more creative solutions, that involve private investors and hard money lenders. Anything that involves getting a new mortgage payment with a new lender falls under the refinance category.

Negotiation covers anything from mortgage modification, forbearance agreements, deed in lieu, workout plans, cash for keys, repayment plans, and just about anything else you can imagine, that allows you to keep your existing loan. Every company has a different term for the “services” they provide, but ultimately, they are simply negotiating with your lender to allow a favorable alternative to foreclosure. The key to finding a good negotiator is to find someone with experience with your exact lender. Because we handle 1000’s of cases each year, chances are, we know the exact employee at your lender who will handle your case. Knowing these people on a personal level make a huge difference in both the success rate and the time in which a case can be settled.

Finding the right company to handle your foreclosure services can make the difference between keeping or losing your home!

The legal category is a little different for us, because we use attorneys to handle your case for negotiation as well as legal. You see, we found out a long time ago that bank employees respond much more quickly and have more respect for an attorney, rather than the homeowner, or even one of our employees. Using attorneys for the entire process is how we achieve such a high success rate. Other legal options may include a lawsuit against your lender, bankruptcy, or contesting the banks right to foreclose in the first place.

When you are facing foreclosure, there are many options that can work for you, but it’s important to find the option that will stop foreclosure immediately as well as give you an affordable long term payment.

Using our free foreclosure evaluation will help you find a solution that can lower your monthly payment and stop foreclosure immediately.