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Penny Pinching – Is It Really Worth The Price

©Simon Howden - freedigitalphotos

©Simon Howden – freedigitalphotos

America is faced with troubled financial times, possible job loss and even home foreclosure. With all this being said, how do we deal with money issues.  Well if you are like most Americans, you’re trying to get the best deal for your buck.   How do you know when you see a good deal though?  This is a tough question that can drive people absolutely mad in a store.  Are discount stores really saving you money?  If you buy one, should you buy the other at half price?  Do you need ten tubes of toothpaste, if it saves you a dollar?  These all very important questions you should ask yourself before venturing out in the consumer world.

At the end of the month when you actually look at your finances, take all things into consideration.  You have to think about the ratio of what you are spending to what you’re saving.  If you’re cutting back on your cell phone minutes to save five dollars a month, but then spending $7 more a month on long distance, the savings may not add up. Or driving 20 miles out of the way, to visit a discount store for only a few dollars in savings.

You must also think about your family’s needs; if you have a coupon for one dollar off of crackers, that may seem like a good deal, but ask yourself first if you would have bought those crackers, without the coupon.  Coupons can actually have you spending more money on unnecessary items, which you probably would have never bought in the first place.

When you’re feeling like most of your money is being spent on your 401K, Health insurance, or mortgage payments, it is easy to get nervous and start thinking about penny pinching.  Just make sure you weigh the costs.  One common thing that happens to everyone is brain rationalization.  For instance if you buy an item at a discount “savings” store, your brain may think its okay, no matter what that item may be.  How many times have you gone into a big-boxed store and rationalized your purchases, because you were shopping at a discount outlet.  When the matter of fact is, your probably only saving mere pennies and making unnecessary purchases.  If you cart is filled with enough cereal to last you half a lifetime you might want to stop and think about your purchase.

Also think about how much driving you’re doing to get to these big box discount stores.  With gas prices this high, are you really saving much more money than if you would have just gone to the grocery down the street.  I have a good friend who will be at the grocery store and buy most of her food there and then drive all the way across town to pick up a loaf of bread, because it is “cheaper.”

Another financial mistake we all make is to by pass a $10.00 lunch because it’s too expensive, but then go out and buy a new sofa at $2000.  It’s funny how we can trick ourselves out of a lunch, only to rationalize an expensive home furnishing (because it matches the paint).  Some things just don’t make sense and if you truly want to save money, you need to be aware of all your spending habits.

If you are struggling and having finance problems, then its time to make a budget for yourself and follow it.  Be aware of what you are actually spending and crunch the numbers at the end of the month to see if you really are saving.  Remember just because it says “sale” doesn’t mean you have to buy it.

Can God Save Your Home From Foreclosure?

©m_bartosch - freedigitalphotos

©m_bartosch – freedigitalphotos

Most people in the USA seem to believe in God, or some sort of higher power, but do our higher powers care if we lose your homes to foreclosure? Across the nation, homeowners are praying to God to stop foreclosure and help them through their financial hardship. Realtors and mortgage brokers are even meeting in prayer groups to pray for more home sales. Obviously, if praying and faith alone were enough to stop foreclosure, we would have much less of a foreclosure problem in our country, but does that mean your faith and religion can’t help you through foreclosure?

st joseph statueMany churches now offer foreclosure assistance to their patrons by way of special foreclosure classes and education. These classes involve professional financial planning, as well as education about mortgages and predatory lending. A few churches may even provide financial assistance or provide loans to members of their congregation. The general public is welcome to attend any workshop or class, even if they are not associated with the religion. Catholic Charities USA sponsors many workshops across the nation and has provided help to over 4000 foreclosure victims. Many religions have similar classes and charities available on a weekly or monthly basis.

Another religious based foreclosure prevention technique is to bury a small plastic statue in the backyard when you need to sell your home. Burying a statue of Saint Joseph somewhere in your yard or garden is reputed to enlist the saint’s assistance in finding a buyer. This can help prevent foreclosure when you can no longer afford to make payments. Many homeowners, after having their home listed for years, have reported success within a few days after burying the statue. Some say the statue should be buried upside down until the home sells and removed afterwards. Others believe that leaving the statue will help protect the property for the new owner. For a mere $3.95, you can sell your home and avoid foreclosure, or so the ad says. Well, just like praying, if you’re facing foreclosure, you might want to enlist the help of anyone willing to offer it!

Your church can offer a great support group, and for many, their faith can provide the motivation needed to make it through tough situations. But, as with any difficult situation, you will need to accept help from all possible sources of help. There are many government programs available to help and foreclosure professionals can easily help you keep your home and get a lower payment by negotiating with your existing lender. You may even be able to refinance into a brand new loan, if you act soon enough. The key to stopping foreclosure is acting quickly and taking the steps necessary to stop foreclosure.

Although there are no facts that say praying will help save your home, I am pretty sure it will never hurt. But praying alone isn’t enough. Always remember, God isn’t going to save your home through divine intervention, but he just might point you in the right direction so you can find the help for yourself.